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Welcome to the new Go4Venture!

Thanks for visiting our site. On here you will find lots of information on European tech companies (everything but drug companies) which have raised more than $10 million. Over the coming months, we will also draw your attention on promising venture-grade companies (i.e. at Series A or later) which haven’t raised $10 million just yet, but we think are onto something – if only one of you could help with go-to-market (corporates), money (investors), experience (non-execs) or simply expertise (service providers).

At its simplest this site is about providing professional deal data for FREE on transactions >$10 million– with the added bonus on one-page profile. So for companies looking for investors, or investors looking for co-investors or companies in their area of expertise, this is a great resource. Ditto for non-execs looking for their next gig, service providers (headhunters, lawyers, PR, bankers, etc) hunting for their next clients, or journalists or industry commentators trying to keep track of what’s happening.

Eventually, we want to build a tool for our community building European tech. We believe the diversity of Europe (and its long university tradition) is the perfect ground for innovation – if only we could make up for our dispersed community. So we want companies to use this site to raise their profiles (literally!) and keep community members abreast of what’s happening, easily and economically. And we want members to get in touch easly with companies where they feel they can make a difference.

The business model is simple: info is free, but the rest will be fee-paying. So productivity tools will be freemium features. As more members click to follow companies, we will encourage companies to use our PR tools to communicate their progress. And we hope that promoters (investors, universities, corporates seeking to keep abreast) will work with us to select which ones of their companies are worth mentioning to the community.

This is the start of a journey. Hope you join in.

Jean-Michel Deligny

Founder, Go4Venture