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Go4Venture is more than about information, it is about encouraging contacts among Members. Introductions are:

  • At the discretion of Go4Venture
  • Only made when two parties have confirmed their reciprocal wish to connect
  • Reserved to:
    • Investor -> Company
    • Investor -> Investor
    • Corporate -> Company
    • Corporate -> Investor
    • Non-exec -> Company

Fair usage rules apply and this feature will eventually be only available to Premium Members and above.

In our vision, service providers include:

  • Headhunters (recruitment and executive search firms)
  • Lawyers
  • Investment bankers
  • PR and marketing specialists
  • Market research and consultants
  • Journalists and industry commentators

Over time other users and other usages will appear. Our objective is to be inclusive and get more maret participants to take an interest in and learn about European Venture and Growth Equity companies. As participants join in, we may tier memberships to reflect the various interests.

Like everyone else on the platform, Service Providers can use Go4Venture to identify companies of interest which may benefit from their expertise.

Non-Execs and candidate Non-Execs are mainly use networking to find their next gig. Sometime they also use the headhunter channel but VC and growth equity companies are rarely prepared to spend money on specialist intermediaries. Go4Venture can be the ideal tool for Non-Execs to do their research, particularly as we favour sector specialisation rather than geography.

Yes, what makes Go4Venture special is that when you have found an interesting company, you can ask to ‘Get an Intro’: assuming the Company is interested we will put you in touch. How is that for convenience?

The chances are you don’t really need Go4Venture. The last thing you want is more deal-flow. Then again:

  • Information is always good to have
  • Your younger analysts may find it helpful in learning quickly about the European growth and venture landscape.
  • And why not, some of your companies may actually benefit from the exposure – not all of them will be funded by your Tier 1 friends.
  • Finally you may think that supporting Go4Venture is a good thing for the eco-system.

And who knows one of Go4Venure’s alumni may one day make it your radar screen !

You probably don’t have the size of funds (and management fees) to travel as much as you would like. Your sector may be well covered by investor conferences – or not. And for sure many of your portfolio companies will need new investors to grow.

Go4Venture is just a way to multiply contacts effortlessly and inexpensively, including outside your home country or beyond your traditional catchment area. In fact we are thinking of adding a syndication function just for your needs.

Investors other than VC funds or corporates tend to be occasional or opportunistic investors who only commit by exception, when the situation corresponds exactly to what they are looking for.

This is traditionally dictated by who is involved in the deal. It may also be a question of the Company fitting the exact criteria, often dictated by past experience.

Go4Venture is the perfect tool to hunt for specific deals without revealing your specific investment interests.

Corporates – and their investment arms – just love information. Go4Venture is one more source of info – but with its unique One-Page Profiles™. If we have done our job right, you should only read about interesting companies.

In fact for Corporates staffing internal people on venturing activities, Go4Venture can be a great training tool for people to learn how VC investors think about investment opportunities and specific verticals.

Corporates can trawl Go4Venture for information on other investors in their areas of interest. In addition, the site offers an easy way to get in touch by getting intros to other investors, from investor to investor.

Our ambition is to soon show company by vertical segments, what we call “Channels”. We hope to have Corporates sponsoring some of these vertical channels. And perhaps work with us to find the next hot venture-grade companies in a given channel?

First Channel to go live by the end of the year will be music – the largest category on Youtube!

The platform is open to all European companies which have revenues of at least €2 million or have raised €2 million or more.

  • Companies which have raised a round of $10 million or more are automatically members
  • Other companies may apply to be selected as a “Rated Company”. To apply please contact

In our experience even established venture and growth companies are just not good at promoting themselves (few have a PR and/or IR function) and are usually terrible at keeping touch with investors: they often remind themselves to investors at the worst possible time – when they need money. Go4Venture allows you to enrich your company profile and send updates to your followers.

Go4Venture allows a company painlessly, effortlessly and very inexpensively to update Followers on a regular basis. Of course just knowing how many Followers a Company has is valuable information. And the ultimate objective is increasing the number of inbound enquiries rather than the Company having to reach out cap in hand!

Being a Rated Company is a third-party validation in its own right so your profile in the community will be enhanced.

More specialised funds or corporates may be interested in hearing about you. Or experienced industry executives seeking to advise (and probably invest) in younger companies may help you get your case in front of brand name VC funds.

Go4Venture helps you make your case to the community, and multiplies the chances of you meeting someone who can help you develop your business. Just like established companies you can enrich your company profile and send updates to your followers.

If you are outside the internet and software space, if you are seeking “only” €2-5 million, or if you believe you can build a successful business with less than €10 million which will exit at more than €50 million – the chance are you will not attract the interest of Tier 1 VC funds. More specialised funds or corporates may however be interested in hearing about you. Go4Venture let these investors find you based on their areas of interest – let Go4Venture do the legwork for you.

Go4Venture carries out a day review and based on the quality of the market opportunity, competitive position (incl. technology), calibre of the team and third-party validation (Board, advisers, reviews, awards), the company may be selected for publication on the platform. If it isn’t the company receives feedback and suggestions on how to improve its appeal.

Go4Venture is an information marketplace focused on European venture-grade companies. The information is curated by Go4Venture.

We provide:

  • Lists of companies which we believe are of interest – either because:
    • They have raised lots of money (at least a round of $10 million or more); or
    • We simply think that they are promising AND they are venture-grade which we define as having raised at least €2million in financing and/or have at least €1 million in revenues.
  • A redacted One-Page Profile for each company selected, written by one of our Analysts

You can think of it as for VC-grade companies, with a European focus.

Go4Venture is the brainchild of our Founder, Jean-Michel Deligny, a tech banker who has long been frustrated with the lack of information about venture in Europe. Go4Venture started publishing its Monthly Bulletin in 2004 which is now received by over 11,000 industry executives. In 2015, Go4Venture decided to transform the Monthly publication into an online business and split his advisory business under the Silverpeak name. Silverpeak is one of the sponsors of Go4Venture and Go4Venture is busy building its team as a separate business.

We are trying to help solve 4 problems:

  1. The lack of affordable venture information – Existing research tools services such as CB Insight, Pitchbook or VentureSource are fantastic – but they are all very expensive starting at $1,500 per month or more. By focusing on a subset of companies, we manage to make market information FREE.
  2. The dispersion of the investor community – A handful of Tier 1 funds have the size to do their own primary research, most others lack the size, brand or reach to be able to hear about interesting companies or more specialised co-investors. For companies, the influx of corporates and all sorts of new investors make it very difficult to approach all investors which may be relevant.
  3. The difficulty in finding expertise – Most European companies have thin management team because experts may not be in their home country. Finding the right Non-Exec, Advisory Board Member or the Service Provider with the right speciality remains difficult in Europe.
  4. The challenge of raising above the noise level – More than 5,000 European companies receive funding each year. For companies it is real difficult to get a hearing. For industry onlookers, where to start?

In short we make the information about European venture market participants more open by:

  • Bringing to light deserving companies and
  • Spare you the details of companies you don’t need to know about (or at least not yet!)

Go4Venture does not replace existing research tools services (if you can afford them) or traditional channels (conferences), it is meant to augment them.

In due course, we hope that research services will refer to our information. And we expect conferences will partner with us to showcase their most promising companies. Just like investors with their portfolio companies, universities, incubators, or corporates seeking to aggregate up and coming companies in a given segment.

The point in common?

  • These companies have to have already some momentum. i.e. be venture-grade which we define as having raised at least €2million in financing and/or have at least €1 million in revenues.
  • Go4Venture (and our selection team) remain the final referee as to which companies get highlighted to the community of Members.

Typical uses:

  • Companies looking for investors, regardless of where they are based, regardless whether they are corporates, VC, family offices, hedge funds, etc.
  • Investors (corporates, investors) looking for companies or co-investors in their areas of interest.
  • Non-execs or service providers looking for companies in their domain of expertise, regardless of where they are based.
  • Research: for anybody interested in European technology, this a great source of info – and not just stats, company profiles too!

In short this is transaction information for FREE (for companies which have raised >$10 million). And on top of that you get a one-page snapshot which allows you to qualify your interest.

Go4Venture allows market participants to quickly decide whether to engage with up and coming European tech companies based on reading a One-Page Profile™ which gives them a convenient summary of the nuts and bolts of the business. Our motto: “accelerating serendipity.

Go4Venture is open to all. And everyone legit can become a registered member.

Those who register become “Members” and can:

  • Download Go4Venture’s Monthly Bulletin and
  • View all the One-Page Profiles™ in their entity.

In addition Registered Members can

  • Follow” companies which are the encouraged to publish regular updates destined to these followers.
  • Get Intros” to Rated Companies, ie. the companies which have not yet raised $10 million but are deemed of interest to the Member community.