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European Venture & Growth Equity Market Analysis

Identifying Leading Up-and-Coming Growth Stage Tech Companies And Venture Capital Investors Across Europe

Curated Companies

We carefully screen and review growth stage tech companies across Europe to produce a select list of leading world-class businesses. Each business is profiled with key financials, competition, management and investors, strengths and challenges.

Investment Community

Our online community of leading entrepreneurs, venture capital investors, professional advisers, non-executives and mentors represents a strong network of individuals helping forge the new landscape of tech entrepreneurship in Europe – brought together in regular physical events.

Reports & Updates

Our Monthly Bulletin is distributed to 11,000+ leading executives throughout the world, providing a snapshot of activity in the European Venture & Growth Equity Market space – covering notable investments and exits.


Our Headline Transaction Index TM (HTI) tracks funding of European companies of at least £1mn and includes over 3,000 companies, 2,000 investors and 4,000 transactions spanning across over 12 years.

Helping Monitor Hot Up And Coming Companies

Go4Venture provides key data and analysis to help facilitate decision-making – regular market updates, curated company profiles, dynamic charts and statistics covering all meaningful activity across Europe

Large Transactions

Profiling all large headline Tech deals

In-depth Review Of Major Transactions

We review all largest deals in the growth stage segment across Europe, ensuring you stay on top of the latest game changing developments

Key Market Trends

Analysis of significant industry dynamics

Gain Insightful Market Insight

We analyse the background behind significant developments in our industry, helping you gain valuable insight to react accordingly

Succinct Company Profiles

We distil each profile to help you save time

All Material Info At Your Fingertips

Understanding the need to filter data quickly, we publish a snapshot of each business with everything that matters

Download Transaction Data

Giving you access to all key statistics

Need Data? Tap Into Our Database

We track all material activity across Europe in our extensive HTI Database, made accessible to our members for further analysis

Platform Tools & Analytics

Follow companies, chart trends easily

Simple, Intuitive Tools To Visualise Information

Track your favourite companies and newsflow directly on your dashboard, use dynamic charts to map data

Connecting Bright Ideas With Venture & Growth Financing

The pool of entrepreneurial talent and investment capital in Europe is vast.
We believe that introducing more transparency and efficient networking will help harness its full potential

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Selection Criteria

We focus on a broad range of factors to identify the ‘best in breed’ growth stage European Tech companies

Large, Fast Growing Market

Is the market sufficiently interesting and large enough to allow for exponential growth? Is the market receptive to your product / service? Is the business model sufficiently scalable to accommodate for rapid growth?

  • Breadth and depth
  • Target vertical
  • Global nature

Quality Of Innovation

What is unique about each company, giving it an unfair advantage? What is the probability of a new technology making its product / service obsolete? Does commercial roll out require a change in customer behaviour?

  • Patents
  • Adoption rate
  • Relative cost
  • Competing products
  • Customer churn

Defensibility Vs. Competition

Has the company any chance of becoming the dominant player in its market segment, given established and potential competition? Can the products or service be replicated quickly by new market entrants?

  • Key competitors
  • Relative size
  • Barriers to entry
  • Legal framework
  • Patents

Management Experience

Is the management team experienced and balanced enough to execute and make this company a success? Is it versatile enough to adapt the business continuously as new challenges are raised?

  • Management Board
  • Advisory Board
  • Social networks
  • Relevant expertise
  • Diversity

Financial Performance

Does the company offer a clear value proposition with a path to profitability? What is the cost profile (fixed vs. variable costs)? Are current funding plans adequate to meet the projected requirements of the business?

  • Revenues & growth
  • Profitability
  • 3-year projections
  • Funding required

Third Party Validation

Investors look to make the highest possible returns with the least risk. Mentioning well known and industry-respected partners, that you are working with, helps in building their confidence.

  • Awards
  • Press coverage
  • Partners

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